Terms and Conditions

 Strong reading habit is advised.

  • We are a legitimate store, DTI and BIR Registered.
  • Please give us more patience as aside from this business, we also have full time jobs.
  • We do not believe that customer is always right. As a customer, you have rights but you are not always right.
  • We are good humans to like minded individuals. We believe that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity no matter what their circumstances are.


  • Make sure to research and read each photos' caption for more info.
  • Stocks are limited, can be allocated, and may not be always guaranteed due to order cuts and supplier allocation.
  • Payment is strictly non transferable and may only be refunded if item becomes out of stock due to supplier's allocation.
  • Strictly no cancellation, unless cancelled due to allocation or by distributor/supplier or manufacturer.
  • Strictly no exchange once an item is preordered.
  • Strictly first order first serve basis.
  • You have 7 days to settle your payment. Strictly No Downpayment = No Reservation/No Order
  • There are numerous factors that affects shipment of items and as you know, all of our items are from overseas. We require extreme patience as items may arrive before the ETA or later than ETA.
  • Please note that first release items may be limited, and in some cases it may not be possible to fill all orders at the time of its initial release. Any order not filled at the time of the initial release will be filled by subsequent restocks, but we recommend placing an order as soon as possible for your best chance to receive a piece from the first release!
    • Project OGRE assures pricing guarantee. Rest assured that succeeding restock's pricing will remain the same for preordered items provided that you chose not to cancel/refund it in any event of allocation/order cut. 

What happens if orders gets cancelled due to order cut or allocation?
You have the option to:

  • You can wait for the next re-release date of the item, but no guarantee yet on when will this be. In case we get a new date, we will advise right away. But normally, this happens within a year or two.
  • You can use your downpayment as an in store credit which can be used for your current PO, to get a new PO or use it for in stock items.

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  • We will no be held liable for any damage, or loss that may occur once a parcel is in transit. Any claims for loss, refund, or reimbursement must be raised by the buyer to the courier. 

    Item Claiming and Storage

    • Sadly, we do not have enough space to provide temporary storage.
    • Storage of any kind until your other orders arrive is not allowed. Please claim them immediately.
    • Preordered items must be paid within 7 days upon arrival.
    • Unpaid preordered items will be forfeited after 7 days upon item arrival and the pre-order reservation will be deemed as void.
    • Paid items must be claimed within 14 days upon full payment.
    • Any payment made toward the stored items will be forfeited if the item remains unpaid & unclaimed after the 14 days period

    What happens if the item gets forfeited?

      • Item will be offered publicly at a Preorder Price through Shopee and other Marketplace channels.
      • You can still claim the item as long as it is still available.
      • Your DP is forfeited including the chance to claim the item once that specific stock is sold.
      • You are also automatically blacklisted, and you're prohibited to make any future preorders or purchases from us.

    Product Concerns

    • A 10/10 item is not guaranteed, but we do our best to provide the best-looking product.
    • Photos will be sent to you before shipping out the items as a proof that they were shipped out in good condition.
    • Paint conditions, box conditions, loose joints, common quality control issues, and the like are not considered defects, and therefore, not subject for exchange, unless recalled and announced by the manufacturer.
    • Items with electronics may or may not be replaced depending on the manufacturer. Make sure to do your research and order at your own risk.
    • Exchanges are not accepted if you damage or mishandle your item when playing. Make sure to read instruction manual or watch reviews.
    • Replacements are also not accepted for products that vary from promotional images as these are prototypes and always subject to change by the manufacturer.
    • Items are bubbled wrapped, from inside and outside the box. We use recycled but corrugated boxes for safety and labeled as Fragile.
    • Any damage incurred during shipment is automatically the courier's fault. 
    • Any claim requires a proof, and the burden of proof is the responsibility of an individual or party to prove an assertion or claim that they have made.
    • Make sure to make an unboxing video when you open the item from its packaging. Make sure it's clear, uncut and unedited video proof showing clearly where the missing parts/damages are. 
    • We are good humans to like minded individuals. We reserve the right to cancel any claim if we find any sign of fraud and deceit.
    • To be eligible for warranty, items must still be sealed in their original packaging. If there any issues, please contact us within 7 days with proof of purchase including unboxing videos and photos to coordinate a solution.

    Additional Reminders

    • We are a legitimate online store, DTI and BIR Registered.
    • Please give us more patience as aside from this business, we also have full time jobs.
    • We do not believe that customer is always right. As a customer, you have rights but you are not always right.
    • We are good humans to like minded individuals. We reserve the right to cancel an order on certain difficult circumstances.
    As always, we thank everyone for all the support you have given us from the very start of this venture. Maraming salamat po!